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Cheap VK540 For Sale

Browse our entire inventory of New or Used Yamaha VK540 Snowmobiles. SnowmobileTrader.com has the largest selection of New and used snowmobiles. New 2022 Yamaha VK540 Snowmobiles for Sale. Find New or Used Yamaha VK540 today!

Find your next snowmobile at SnowmobileTrader.com today and enjoy the ride! Browse our wide selection of new and used Yamaha Vk 540 snowmobiles. We are dedicated to making your shopping experience easy and efficient by offering an incredible selection of New or Used Yamaha Vk 540 Snowmobiles. 2022 yamaha vk540 for sale

The Yamaha VK 540 is a very popular Arctic cat style snowmobile. It is a reliable, powerful, and durable machine that places the driver in a comfortable riding position. The VK series of snowmobiles has been around for decades and when you’re ready to go hunting or just want to go out and play, they offer a huge amount of versatility.

The VK line represents impressive value in its class of machine, but when you begin to add options such as heated hand grips and reverse gearbox you will understand the difference between this great snowmobile and other brands.

While the VK series offers performance above its weight class, don’t be fooled by its modest price tag. When it comes to your safety on the trail, most riders will agree that any price is worth paying for peace of mind.


  • 540cc 2-Stroke Fan-Cooled Engine
    A proven 540cc 2-stroke twin engine powers this ultra dependable utility snowmobile. Based on the legendary 540cc engine, Yamaha engineers improved midrange torque and reduced fuel consumption by nearly 25%, meeting current emissions standards with even more reliability.
  • Heated Mikuni TM33 Carburetor
    The heated Mikuni TM33 flat slide carburetor delivers crisp throttle response while the small dual electronic heater coils in the carburetor body stabilize idle speed and reduce plug fouling. Together, these efficient carburetors help deliver great fuel economy and reliability.
  • Dual Halogen
    Featuring a fully integrated dual-bulb headlight, the twin headlights throws more light on the trail than before.
  • Hi-Output Stator Ring Design
    The VK540 has a large, multi-coil stator ring design to develop over twice the electrical output of the original model. The 400 watt output is used to power the carb heaters, twin-bulb headlight, hand warmers and other accessories.
  • Large Capacity Fuel Tank
    The VK540’s fuel tank offers extended range and expanded work capability. Boasting a capacity of 11.6 usg / 44 L, you’ll see nearly double the range on a single tank of fuel, compared to the original VK540.

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Want to buy a Yamaha Vk540? Find out where to find the best deals and prices on new and used yamaha vk 540 near you. We’ve found them all in one place.  VK540 Snowmobile for Sale – The VK 540 is the perfect beginner snowmobile for all ages. Equipped with a rope start, a large easy-to-read instrument panel and a comfortable seat, you can have fun riding comfortably on your first day. snowmobile for sale


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