• 1049cc Genesis 4-Stroke Engine
    Yamaha’s reliable three-cylinder engine features an advanced Yamaha fuel-injection system for incredibly accurate fuel metering, spot on performance, fuel sipping economy and instant starts, no matter the environment.
  • A broad, flat power-band delivers instant thrust from nearly any speed, and a thick torque curve provides an abundance of power to pull heavy loads, all backed by a track record of unstoppable reliability. yamaha vk540 for sale near me
  • Electric Power Steering
    Yamaha was the first manufacturer to offer Electric Power Steering to the snowmobile industry. The velocity sensing system delivers maximum assistance at slow speeds to nearly zero assistance and high speeds. Aside from dramatically reducing steering effort, the system reduces negative feedback, helping isolate the driver from unwanted input fed back from the trail.
  • Workforce Mirrors
    Functional mirrors tout a large viewing area, making it easier to see what lies behind. The mirrors are mounted on the interior side of the Protective Windshield to shield them from potential damage.
  • Digital Gauge
    Easy to view and operate, the digital gauge package monitors all vital engine and vehicle attributes while featuring the hour meter, trip meters, clock and much more.
  • Large Capacity Fuel Tank
    Boasting a capacity of 11.6 usg / 44 L, the fuel tank offers extended range and expanded work capability.
  • Driver’s Seat
    The VK Professional II seat was specifically designed with driver comfort and convenience in mind. The seat better positions the driver to the controls, delivers enhanced comfort and provides easier mounting when getting on and off the vehicle. new snowmobile for sale
  • High Capacity Cargo Rack
    Whether it’s for work or play, carrying heavy loads is one of the core attributes of the VK Professional II. A large cargo rack serves up more capacity, making it easier to haul supplies to camp, tools to the job site or fishing gear to the icepack.


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