The Viking EPS is a delightfully comfortable and capable e-scooter, with an electronically controlled power system that gives you smooth acceleration and stopping, while delivering up to 15.5 mph of continuous range on a single charge. Featuring next-generation battery tech and industrial design, the Viking EPS performance matches its stunning looks.

Viking EPS is available in two models: The ranch edition and the recreational edition. On top of an electric starting system, EPS Ranch Edition also has a bigger battery than the regular one and a wider range of speeds. It has 13 horsepower while the recreational eps has 8 horsepower to its name. Viking EPS Se 2021 (EPS SE) Yamaha Motorcycle For Sale.

viking ranch edition. This is a stock original eps shot in the range by one of our viking ranch crew members. EPM (EPS). New Yamaha EPS 2019 Viking 700 RANCH EDITION!!!.


  • Torquey 700-Class Engine
    The Viking EPS comes equipped with Yamaha’s powerful 686cc engine featuring a broad, usable powerband that’s perfect for working hard or playing hard. Liquid-cooling provides consistent performance, and the four-valve head with 10.0:1 compression delivers optimum torque for virtually any workload.
  • High Volume Intake
    The Viking EPS features a large-capacity air intake system that improves overall engine performance. The air cleaner box is easily accessible from inside the cabin for convenient serviceability.
  • Responsive and Reliable Ultramatic® Transmission
    Ultramatic® transmission with dual-range (Hi/Lo) drive and reverse is the most advanced drive system available. An automatic centrifugal clutch maintains constant belt tension for reduced wear, and the system features a sprag clutch for all-wheel downhill engine braking in 4WD mode and reverse. Backed by Yamaha’s unmatched 10-Year Belt Warranty, owners can be confident they’re driving the most trusted transmission in the industry.
  • On-Command® 4WD
    Industry-exclusive three-position On-Command® 4WD system lets you switch between 2WD, limited-slip 4WD and fully locked differential 4WD. Unlike competitors’ automatic 4WD systems, On-Command® puts the driver in full control to make the most of available traction in various types of terrain.
  • Comfortable Three-Seat Cabin
    This true three-passenger machine achieves driver and passenger comfort and security with a handhold, padded headrests and three-point seat belts for all riders. Extensive noise and vibration reduction measures provide a smooth and quiet ride. The superior seating position, adjustable driver’s seat and an offset middle seat all provide unmatched comfort that riders will appreciate.
  • Extensive Cargo Capacity
    The chassis design includes a convenient pass-through floor for greater ease of movement, making it possible to enter and exit the vehicle from either side. The rear cargo bed is made of steel and is designed for a hefty load capacity of 600 pounds.


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