New Yamaha Mountain Models For Sale 2023 SXVenom Mountain.  SXVenom Mountain for sale, online 2023 SXVenom Mountain. RWC and with a new registration. These machines are very easy to ride and is great fun on any type of terrain. The Yamaha XB2 engine provides plenty of power and torque.

New Yamaha SXVenom Mountain. WOW. The new SXVenom Mountain is an insane value, packed with premium features and powered by the same exclusive engine found underneath the hood of Yamaha’s top-of-the-line supermoto. It’s a total blast to ride. Get yours now at your local DEALER!

The SXVenom Mountain is a total blast to ride. Get yours now at your local DEALER! And now, meet our SXVenom Mountain. An awesome design loaded with too much to list here. Why don’t you come see in person and take it for a spin?

  • 2-Stroke, Single Cylinder, Liquid Cooled EFI Engine
    The hi-tech 397cc engine has all the features you’d expect to find in a top-of-the-line sled: computerized ignition (ECM), 3-stage exhaust power valve, batteryless fuel injection, electronic oil-injection and electric start. Tuned exhaust with EPTS (exhaust pipe temperature sensor) and a detonation sensor work together for reliable performance. A lightweight, counter-balance shaft handles unwanted vibration to deliver a smooth, wide range of power.
  • Lightweight Chassis
    The alloy chassis was designed to keep the weight down using minimal parts with no compromise to its durability or function.
  • Digital Gauge
    A compact digital gauge gives the rider speed, rpm, fuel level, hours and distance at a glance. There are also light indicators to warn against any oil or engine temperature issues.
  • Mountain Single Beam Suspension
    Featuring a lightweight single beam skid frame, the 12” rear suspension provides exceptional handling in deep and steep conditions. The advanced single pivot at the midpoint of the single rail results in track flexibility and precise handling. It’s never been easier to throw a curve, regardless of pitch or incline. Ten pounds lights, the single rail system doesn’t trap snow compared to dual rail suspensions, making the sled much lighter.
  • 146″ x 2″ Challenger Track
    The durable Challenger track teams up with the single rail skid-frame to carve and hook like nothing else in its class. Based on the reduced weight and size of the SX Venom Mountain, the 146″ track has the perfect footprint to go anywhere.
  • Detonation Sensor
    The sensor monitors cylinder vibration to signal the ECM in the event of combustion detonation due to improper fuel or running conditions so that timing can be adjusted to prevent engine damage. sx venom mountain for sale near me, sx venom mountain for sale, yamaha venom for sale near me, 2022 yamaha mountain max for sale,


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