Suzuki 2.5 HP DF2.5S4 Outboard Motors


Suzuki’s 2.5hp model DF2.5S4 outboard motor is a perfect choice for square stern canoes, small tenders and inflatables as well as other small craft. At only 29 lbs, it’s the lightest 4-stroke Suzuki outboard ever built.


Suzuki 2.5 HP DF2.5S4 Suzuki Outboard Motors

Compact and Lightweight Design Saltwater Rated Multi-Layer Corrosion Protection Quiet Below-the-Water Exhaust Fold-Down Tiller Handle Twist-Grip Throttle with Tensioner Large Carrying Handle Suzuki 2.5 HP DF2.5S4 PEI Pointless Electronic Ignition 3-Star Ultra-Low Emission Rating Shallow Water Drive Over-Rev Limiter Protection Compression Reduction Starting System Steering Friction Tension Control Emergency Lanyard Stop Switch Built-in .26 Gal. Fuel Tank (45 min. @ WOT) 3-Blade Aluminum Propeller Suzuki’s Newest 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty Suzuki Outboard Motors.

The DF2.5S4 is a 2.5 horsepower, the model year 2017, four-stroke outboard engine from Suzuki Marine with a cast aluminum head. This model has a displacement of 2.6 liters and an overall length of 13 inches (330 mm). It has a bore of 3.1 inches (79 mm) and a stroke of 4 inches (102 mm).

The engine comes equipped with a single-cylinder configuration and features an Electric Start System that allows the user to start the engine with one push of a button. The DF2.5S4 also comes with an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that controls all engine functions such as ignition timing, idle speed control, and fuel injection duration via crank angle sensor feedback signals from crankshaft position sensors in order to achieve maximum power output while minimizing emissions levels at all RPM ranges by monitoring changes in ambient air temperature during use conditions which may be caused by operating environment changes like weather or temperature conditions affecting air density inside exhaust port inhaling areas; thus improving overall performance throughout entire RPM range without sacrificing fuel economy ratings as well as increasing oil economy due to.

The Suzuki DF2.5S4 outboard motor is a Suzuki 2.5 HP DF2.5S4 horsepower, four-stroke, water-cooled motor powered by environmentally friendly unleaded fuel. It features an electronic ignition and a Suzuki Smart Throttle Control System (STCS). This system allows the operator to adjust the throttle from 0 to 100 percent as well as from idle to full throttle with only a simple twist of the wrist—no buttons to push or levers to pull. It also has an integrated fuel gauge integrated into its handlebar controls so you can keep track of how much fuel you have left at all times without having to stop or remove any parts of your boat’s structure.

The DF2.5S4 is equipped with an aluminum propeller shaft that reduces vibrations and improves performance while increasing longevity by reducing wear on internal components such as seals and bearings over time due to less friction between them while in motion compared to steel versions which tend towards corrosion over time due to exposure when submerged; this also makes cleaning easier as well since saltwater cannot corrode steel surfaces as easily (but still can damage them if left untreated).

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