• 794cc 2-Stroke Engine
    Electric start comes standard on the Mountain Max 800 LE 154. The two-cylinder 794cc 2-stroke engine features an ECM that electronically controls the fuel and oil injection. The three-stage auxiliary exhaust port power-valves controls the gas flow through a tuned pipe that features a stainless exhaust collector and silencer while the Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor monitors the system. yamaha mountain max for sale Spark ignition is generated through a digital CDI with knock control sensors, and the cooling is achieved through a liquid heat exchanger system.
  • Tunnel Design
    The chain-case is dropped and rolled to provide a more gradual- 9.4*- lower track approach angle. The lightweight tunnel features narrow, tapered running boards to aid in deep snow maneuverability and provides plenty of clearance for its 8 tooth extrovert drivers and updated Power Claw track. used snowmobile for sale
  • Mountain Single Beam Suspension
    The long, 14 inch travel rear suspension features a light-weight single beam skid-frame to provides exceptional handling in deep and steep conditions. The single pivot at the midpoint of the single rail results in track flexibility and precise handling. It’s never been easier to throw a curve, regardless of pitch or incline. Ten pounds lights, the single rail system doesn’t trap snow compared to dual rail suspensions, making the sled much lighter.
  • Stealth Control System
    The handlebar controls feature a left-sided switch cluster for “on-the-fly” access to the multi-step hand and thumb warm adjusters, the push button reverse gear shift and the multi-function gauge that can be easily select information with a convenient toggle. On the right side, a clean bar hosts an ergonomically-shaped throttle lever and a simple, stand-alone emergency stop switch. The Hayes ‘Stealth’ brake cylinder is equipped with a composite brake lever that, coupled with a lightweight caliper, offers better feel and powerful stopping performance.
  • Extremely Equipped
    The single beam suspension engages sturdy Fox Zero coil spring shock absorbers that can be easily adjusted on both the front and rear arms through QS3 damping. The rear arm is equipped with mountain-specific QS3L shocks for a special lock-out mode during extreme climbing. The Mountain Max 800 LE 154 is also fitted with a special ice-scraper sealing system, high-flow and velocity-sensitive damping and hard, anodized parts. snowmobile for sale near me



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