Mercury 5HP 5MLHA Sail Power Outboard

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Type: Sail Power


Throttle / Shift: Tiller

Starter: Manual

Shaft:20″ Long

Trim & Tilt: Manual

Rotation: Standard

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Mercury’s all-new 5hp Four-stroke Sail Power outboard provides the ultimate in reliability, portability, and convenience for those looking for a small but mighty outboard to effortlessly push their sailboat through the water. The Sail Power model features an alternator combined with additional thrust making it ideal for moving heavy loads at a slower yet more controllable pace. These motors also pair well with aluminum tiller, inflatable, and utility boats.

The Sail Power model is available in 20-inch and 25-inch shaft lengths. Additional features include a 12 Volt, 4 Amp / 50-Watt alternator charging system with a cable that allows sailors to charge a battery to run electronics or lights, reverse-thrust exhaust relief, and high-thrust propeller to improve slow-speed handling and control. Starting is made easy with the manual choke, which enriches the fuel-to-air ratio for fast and reliable starts, particularly when the engine is cold. Auto decompression reduces the pull force when using the starter rope.

    • Engine Type: Mercury 5 HP Inline 1 Four Stroke
    • Horsepower: 5 hp
    • Cylinders: 1 cyl
    • Shaft Length: 20” (Long)
    • Throttle Control: Tiller Handle
    • Starting: Manual
    • Alternator amp: Watt 4 amp & 50 watt lighting and charging
    • Weight: 59 lbs
    • Full Throttle Range: 4500 – 5500 rpm
    • Displacement: 7.5 ci (123 cc)
    • Fuel Induction System: 2-valve pushrod (overhead valve)
    • Propeller: 6.0″ Pitch High Thrust 3-Blade Aluminum
    • Color: Phantom Black
    • Integrated Carry Handle
    • Safety Lanyard Stop Switch
    • Internal Fuel Tank (0.3 gallons)
    • Tool Kit
    • Owner’s Manual
    • Mercury Marine 3-Year Warranty
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