How To Care For Mercury Outboard Motors

In order to get the best performance from your Mercury Outboard motors you need to care for them properly. In these short videos, Shipito Auto Marine shows you how to do a freshwater flush, and change the oil, fuel filter, and gear lube on your Mercury Marine outboard motors four-stroke.

The key to longevity in your Mercury Marine outboard motor is proper care. While these outboards are some of the highest-rated and most dependable, a lack of attention will lead to decreased performance and a shortened life span. At Shipito Auto Marine we’ve compiled the top four-stroke maintenance guides, which include a freshwater flush, changing the engine oil, and changing gear lube and the fuel filter.

Maintaining your motor is simple if you follow these four-stroke maintenance guides. This video shows you how to perform a freshwater flush, change the engine oil and fuel filter, and replace the gear lube. These tips can help prevent premature wear on your motor that could lead to damage or diminished performance.

Mercury Mercury Outboard Motors Freshwater Flush

After boating in saltwater or brackish water, failing to flush your Mercury outboard with fresh water will lead to corrosion in water passages. This leads to a failing cooling system and decreased engine life. Cleaning your boat with a freshwater flush after every use can help eliminate harmful salt buildup.

Did you know that, in some areas, leaving saltwater or brackish water in your engine can lead to coolant corrosion? This corrosion can ultimately decrease the life of your engine, so regular freshwater flushing is a must. After every use, be sure to clean and flush your Mercury outboard with fresh water.

The Mercury outboard used on a boat is designed for saltwater, but has vulnerabilities that can cause damage in other types of water. Cleaning with fresh water immediately after boating will mitigate these problems. If you love boating but hate the thought of cleaning your Mercury outboard, a freshwater flush might be just what you need. A rinse with a mix of fresh and saltwater can help protect your engine.

You can extend the life of your engine, and most importantly avoid losing your cool, by flushing it with fresh water after each use. Freshwater flush kits are an easy way to keep salt out of your system, extend the life of your motor, and promote motor cooling. We have a freshwater flush kit available for all Mercury motors.

Changing Engine Oil On Mercury Outboard Motors

Occasionally changing your Mercury Marine engine oil is important to ensure that the parts within the unit remain lubricated and protected. With just a few simple tools, you can easily change your Mercury Marine oil by using the drain pan and new filter. Changing your Mercury’s oil regularly is an important step in keeping your engine running at its peak performance. It helps to remove contaminants and prevent corrosion. With a few simple tools and the right amount of oil, you can easily keep your Mercury’s motor running like new.

Oil is one of the most important additives to your engine and changing it regularly will help ensure your Mercury Marine motor performs optimally. The oil not only helps reduce internal friction and heat but also helps keep the engine clean by carrying away small particles and contaminants.

Regularly changing the oil in your Mercury Outboard Motors keeps the machine running at its peak efficiency. Changing out the oil filter is just as important and can prevent internal damage from dirt and contaminants. Mercury Marine recommends using high-quality filters that meet or exceed OEM specifications but also work well with your engine’s needs.

The oil in your Mercury Marine engine should be changed at the end of each boating season or 80 hours of use, whichever comes first. This prevents the oil from becoming acidic and destructive, keeping it fresh and ready to protect all the internal engine parts.

Changing the Fuel Filter

A bad fuel filter in your Mercury Outboard Motors can cause a number of problems that may impact how the engine operates. The first sign of poor fuel filter quality is when your engine runs too lean. This can happen if fuel isn’t filtered properly and sediment or other particles clog up the filter. Keeping your fuel filter clean will keep your engine running strong!

If your outboard’s fuel filter isn’t working as well as it used to or has got old and cracked, it’s important that you replace it. A fuel filter can be clogged by a number of foreign particles, including water and rust. Even small amounts of these can reduce the amount of oxygen available for combustion in your engine. This causes the engine to run too lean and lose power – not something you want when it comes time to make the big catch!

Improve the performance of your Mercury Outboard Motors by replacing its fuel filter. Replace the old filter with a new one that prevents foreign particles from clogging your engine. If your outboard’s fuel filter isn’t properly maintained, it loses the ability to prevent foreign particles from clogging your engine, which causes poor performance and wear. This article will show you how to replace your fuel filter on a 4-stroke Honda outboard

Changing Gear Lube

Why Are My Gears Worn Out So Quickly? If you’ve ever wondered why your Mercury Outboard Motors is worn out so quickly, you aren’t alone. In fact, most boaters don’t realize that the ring gear inside their transmission has a job to do – protecting the rest of the gears from wear and tear. This job is much like that of a clutch in a car: it keeps one thing from constantly rubbing against another and destroying it.

Changing the gear lube on your outboard is a quick and easy task, but it’s also an important part of maintaining your motor. Not only does it lubricate the metal parts within the transmission, but it helps prevent wear on the whole system—therefore reducing costly repairs down the road.

Changing your gear lube can save you money and prevent expensive repairs that may occur if it isn’t changed regularly. Using Mercury High-Performance Gear Lube will help extend the life of your outboard, provide excellent gear protection against wear and tear, and give you years of performance.

Protect your gearbox and keep it running smoothly with Mercury High-Performance Gear Lube. This gear oil is specially formulated to resist harmful wear from dust, dirt, and grime. Gear lube lubricates metal-to-metal contact, preventing harmful wear to your outboard. Heavily loaded gears that aren’t effectively protected by gear oil cause expensive, sometimes irreparable damage.

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